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Cooking Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Next BC RV Camping Experience More Enjoyable

Posted on April 3, 2014 | Written by Natalie Appleton

Packing groceries and creating meal plans for your camping trip doesn’t have to be a chore. The next time you’re getting ready to go camping in BC, whether it be with a Beaverdell RV Rental or by tent, follow these simple tips so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.
Make cooking while you’re camping easy so you can make your camping trip to BC parks as enjoyable as possible.

Photo by Jason M.

Remember the ingredients for Smores. These campfire desserts—consisting of graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows—are a camping essential for all ages.

Make breakfasts a breeze by preparing the pancake batter at home before you leave. Storing the prepared batter in a clean, empty ketchup bottle is a simple solution for sloppy pancake batter messes. Simply squirt batter onto a hot griddle, and voila—quick and easy pancakes with very little clean up required!

When bringing a BBQ, make sure you bring an extra tank of propane. There is nothing worse than getting ready for a nice steak dinner only to find out out the steaks you put on the BBQ ten minutes before are still blue rare.

Wash and wrap your potatoes in tinfoil at home before you head out. This will make cooking those potatoes much simpler, and you can save your prep time for more exciting activities on your BC camping trip, like fishing with the kids.

While you’re washing and wrapping the potatoes, wash and chop any fruits and vegetables you plan to bring. Cutting the prep time out of the schedule while camping will keep you out of the RV and in the action, enjoying time with your loved ones.

When putting a pot or a pan directly into the campfire, rub some liquid dish soap on the outside beforehand. This will help make cleanup a snap and keep your pots and pans from becoming smoke damaged as well.

Blocks of ice will last much longer in your cooler than ice cubes, so mix it up. Keep the cubes for cooling down drinks, but use the blocks to keep food cold. Instead of purchasing the blocks of ice from the grocery store or gas station, consider freezing jugs of water before leaving the house. That way it’ll keep your food cold, and as it melts, you can also enjoy some ice-cold water.

If you intend to do the majority of your cooking on the fire, make sure you use coals to heat the food and not flames. Coals provide more heat and cook the food more evenly than the uncontrollable flames.

Cooking while camping can be fun and easy when you plan ahead. Following these easy tips and ideas will make any BC camping trip more fun for everyone. Horseshoes, anyone?

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