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Tips for Fishing in BC Parks Near Beaverdell

Posted on May 01, 2014 | Written by Natalie Appleton

Grab your fishing pole, kick back, relax, and follow these tips to make your next fishing trip in BC parks a pleasant and serene experience for the whole family.

Photo by dhelling01/Flickr
It’s 5 a.m., and you’ve just snuck out of bed. Tiptoeing around the campsite, careful not to wake your sleeping wife, you grab your kids, your fishing gear, and head out for a morning of peaceful fishing in one of the many BC provincial parks near Beaverdell.

To make the most of your morning fish and make your little ones proud, follow these handy fishing tips:

Where Do Fish Love to Swim?

Before heading out on the water, grab a map of the lake. Most BC campgrounds keep a copy near the registration office.

Watch out for weed beds, deep edges, sunken islands, and sandbars. These locations are a fisherman’s dream. If fishing from the shore, stick next to docks and piers, and natural trees. Fish swimming near the shoreline frequent these fish-friendly hangouts.

Use Live Bait

Mealworms, crickets, salmon eggs, minnows—the list goes on. Live bait is sure to lure a fish to your hook faster than any of the other tackles stored in your tackle box.

Have Fun, But Stay Safe

  • If you and your family are heading out for a day of fishing in the boat, don’t forget to bring the right number and size of life jackets for everyone.
  • Remember to pack some water and snacks. If you end up running out of gas or dropping your oars overboard, it’s a great idea to hand out snacks and fight off hunger while waiting for some assistance.
  •  Always keep the sharp hooks and knives tucked away in the tackle box. Little fingers can be poked or cut if these items are left lying around.
  • Pack sunscreen and wear hats. BC parks in the Okanagan see about 841 hours of sunshine during the summer months, so make sure you’re prepared with sunscreen and hats while fishing in the boat or on shore.

Fishing is one of the most relaxing past times you can take part in. Keep these helpful tips in mind before leaving for your next trip, and you’ll come home with some fresh fish, a memorable experience, and a story or two about the one that got away.

If you’re planning a camping trip packed full with dreams of peaceful fishing, consider RV rentals for all your convenient camping needs. Read our post Why You and Your Family Will Love an RV Rental This Camping Season.

With access to 14 pristine lakes, Beaverdell RV Park is the perfect destination for families that want quick and easy access to the most beautiful fishing lakes that BC parks have to offer.

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