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Start Your Stunning Trek Along the Kettle Valley Railway From Your Beaverdell RV

Posted on March 25, 2014 | Written by Natalie Appleton

Nearly 100 years ago, the Kettle Valley Railway started shipping silver ore for smelting and lumber for the nearby Okanagan valley, sometimes with up to 90 trains leaving the community of Beaverdell. Today, as the Kettle Valley Trail, the line is much more accustomed to the wheels of bicycles and the sounds of tourists in awe.
The Kettle Valley Rail ( KVR) Trail passes through some of the most spectacular mountain and valley landscapes you’ll find in BC parks. The KVR trail stretches from Midway near the Washington border, through the Myra Canyon near Kelowna, and on past Princeton to Brookmere.
The 215-kilometre leg from Midway to Penticton is one of the most popular routes. This 2.2 per cent grade trail features dozens of historic and scenic stops as well as campgrounds so you can bike or hike as long as you want—an afternoon, a weekend or a week!
If this is your first time on a cycling trip, or you have young cyclists with you, we highly recommend the 102-kilometre leg from Beaverdell to the majestic Myra Canyon.
Brent Leroy from Corner Gas
If you’re planning a BC camping trip in the southern Interior, be sure to check out at least one leg of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

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From Beaverdell to Myra Canyon
How To Make It Happen
If you’re camping and you just don’t have room for all the family’s bikes or you’re visiting from afar, not to worry. You can rent bicycles that can be delivered and picked up to almost any location along the Carmi subdivision. Plus, KVR Outfitters can also drop your gear off for you at BC campgrounds along the way so you can lighten your load and enjoy the ride.
What to Expect
Sweeping views of the Monashee Country valley, the gentle waters of the West Kettle River and three lakes, and, of course, Myra Canyon. These are just some of the photo-worthy sights you’ll enjoy on your ride. The Myra Canyon’s 24 kilometres loft you 1,000 metres above Kelowna after taking you through 18 trestle bridges, two tunnels and some jaw-dropping views of Okanagan Lake.
There are stretches where you won’t be near services for a while, so it’s a good idea to come prepared.
  • This is one of the sunniest areas in Canada, but you should layer up because in the mountains, it can snow or rain at any minute.
  • Use your helmet. In BC, it’s the law.
  • Bring plenty of water and food.
  • Stick to the trail except for marked public access points. Respect private property and leave gates as you found them on farms and ranches.
  • For your safety, stick to the right and give people walking or riding horses extra room.

If you’re planning a cycling trip along the Kettle Valley Railway, rest your feet at Beaverdell RV Park, offering RV rentals, full bathrooms, power, Internet, satellite TV as well as access to amazing fishing, hunting and dirtbiking and the Kettle Valley Railway.

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